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Opportunities for businesses in the mechanical industry

With good disease control and participation in many free trade agreements, 2021, despite difficulties, is still considered a year of high expectations for the mechanical industry. This assessment is also based on the internal strength of the mechanical industry to overcome 2020 with many difficulties in finding the supply of raw materials for production and export of goods. Step by step recovery According to a report from the Vietnam Association of Supporting Industries (VASI), in 2020, due to the impact of the [...]

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Some points to keep in mind when choosing a solution to use heat exchangers

Currently, most of the large factories are using cooling solutions and heat exchangers, typically the heat exchanger products of Transter. Purpose of using the cooling device: As we all know, each air dryer, heat exchanger has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is necessary to choose the heat exchanger based on the requirements and purposes of heat exchange. suitable in both features, capacity and size. Heat exchanger plate material selection: Each different heat carrier (Oil, water, termite water, …) has a different [...]


SUPPLY, INSTALL THE AIR DRYER FOR KVF PROJECT – KOREA FERTILIZER CO., LTD – VIET What is an air dryer? Working principle of air dryer The air dryer is an intermediate heat exchange device, where the process of absorbing heat from a hot source (steam, exhaust fumes, hot gas, …) and heating the air (fresh air) from ambient temperature takes place. up to 90-130˚C. Hot fresh air, after leaving the air dryer, is used to dry, dry or raise the temperature [...]