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Complete Turnkey Cooling Systems

Our business is Heat Transfer and everything that goes with it. We design and manufacture custom sized cooling systems based on your specific requirements, that best suits your application.

Finding the right cooling system for your business

We don’t try to suit your needs with our products. We carefully assess your needs and advise which products will provide the perfect cooling system for your business.

Talk to us today, so we can provide you a quote for the best cooling solution at no charge.

Detailed designs can be brought from us or are included in the cost of manufacturing when purchasing direct from us.

Custom cooling systems made that include the following design features:
Plug and play electrics and piping, just connect
Skid mounted, easy transport and locate
Variable speed fans, saving money on power bills
High & Low Ambient, extreme temperature range in the desert
Low fouling, for the cement works
Low noise, where site needed very low dBa
Corrosion resistant, at a hyper saline site
Light weight, for transport on the roads
Vibration isolator mounts, extreme tracking conditions
Easy cleaning, for every shift wash down
Compact design, where space is limited on truck mounted drill rigs
Heat recovery systems. The heat from the exhaust gas heats the water
Low water use, where water is very costly
Redundancy, where any breakdown for any reason would be catastrophic
Low drift loss. Legionella concerns meant conventional towers could not be used
Automatic water treatment, where site was remote

Key Benefits

Cost Effective

Using multiple suppliers to maintain parts of a legacy cooling system can become a costly and difficult task. Opting for a complete, turnkey cooling system brings everything under one roof and helps you save costs over the long-term.

Quality Assured

Allied Heat Transfer ensures you get the best possible quality products that are fit for purpose – helping you extract the most value from your cooling system over its lifetime. Our products are internationally recognised and accredited

Environmentally Friendly & Locally Manufactured

Our products are sustainably manufactured and environmentally friendly to support a circular economy. Our machinery is also locally produced, offering superior compliance with local legislation.

Services provide:

  • Design, drafting concept.
  • Issue assembly drawings, detailed drawings.
  • Manufacturing, assembling, testing machine according to drawing.





















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