Some points to keep in mind when choosing a solution to use heat exchangers

Some points to keep in mind when choosing a solution to use heat exchangers

Currently, most of the large factories are using cooling solutions and heat exchangers, typically the heat exchanger products of Transter.

Purpose of using the cooling device:

As we all know, each air dryer, heat exchanger has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is necessary to choose the heat exchanger based on the requirements and purposes of heat exchange. suitable in both features, capacity and size.

Heat exchanger plate material selection:

Each different heat carrier (Oil, water, termite water, …) has a different chemical corrosion, so when choosing a heat exchanger plate material, we need to base on the corrosion level of the heat carrier to use. Use reasonable materials such as AISI304, AISI316, TITAN, HASTELLOY, etc.

Material of buffer device:

Buffer equipment materials are selected based on the temperature of the heat carrier and the chemical properties of the heat carrier, including: NBR, EPDM, Viton ….

Heat exchanger brand:

Currently, on the market, there are many types of heat exchangers of many different brands such as GEA, Sondex, Hisaka, in which, Transter is one of the leading brands of heat exchangers used by customers.

Why are Transfer heat exchangers trusted by customers?

The first is quality products and services: Any product or service that wants to gain the trust of customers must affirm its prestige and quality.

Transter is a brand of heat exchanger equipment from Australia with manufacturing plants in Europe and North America, Transter’s products always ensure quality according to European quality standards. that customers always feel secure when using.

The second is smart product design with advanced and modern production technology that helps Transter’s heat exchanger operate with high efficiency, efficiency and cost savings in operation.

The third is the product with many different options to suit the user’s configuration. Transist’s products provide a wide variety of designs, sizes, thicknesses, materials,… so customers can easily choose and experience the products according to their desired usage requirements.

Heat exchanger plate material selection

Where can I buy a reliable, reliable place to buy Transfer’s heat exchanger?

In Vietnam, Hai Chuong Trading and Service COMPANY is a genuine distributor of heat exchanger products including:   heat exchanger plate, air dryer, and heat exchanger of Transter.

With the spirit of win-win cooperation, taking prestige as the foundation for development, we always ensure to provide customers and partners with quality products and professional services with specific criteria:

+ Genuine products, high quality, guaranteed origin
+ Professional and dedicated 24/7 support service
+ Delivery and installation nationwide in the fastest time
+ Good price, competitive sales policy with many attractive incentives

Customers interested in products about heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, please contact us via Hotline:   0878.789.186   for direct support and advice. Thank you very much customers!

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