Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Hydraulic Oil Cooler


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Hydraulic systems are one of the most popular systems in any factory or production facility today because of their diverse applications as well as their ability to work intensely. During operation, hydraulic oil after completing the working cycle will experience an increase in temperature. Then it changes viscosity, which greatly affects the next working cycle.

Therefore, it is a must to install a hydraulic oil cooler in the hydraulic system. Because it helps to overcome and prevent the above situation. The content of today’s article will provide important information about the hydraulic oil cooler provided by Hai Chuong company.

Cooling hydraulic oil with water.

This is one of the most popular and effective cooling methods for hydraulic oil.

Hydraulic oil and cooling water will be put into the heat exchanger, through which indirect contact with each other through the surface (metal) heat exchange and carry out the cooling process.

Advantages of hydraulic oil cooler (shell & tube type) provided by Hai Chuong

  • High temperature: The required standard for hydraulic oil coolers requires 120°C however Bowan’s design has applications up to 200°C.
  • Wide range of material options: In addition to cupronickel which is the standard tube material on all models, it can also be made of stainless steel or titanium tube materials to suit customer requirements.
  • Mining Applications: For deep underground mining applications where ambient air temperatures are high, Bowman offers a wide range of oil coolers suitable for use with water pressures up to 35 bar.
  • Advanced design, removable parts, and tube stack for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Oil Coolers supplied by Hai Chuong 

Hydraulic oil cooling with air

Besides using water for cooling, we can consider the option of using a fan to cool the hydraulic oil. This is a suitable option for systems with difficult installation locations that cannot be connected to the waterline.

The hydraulic oil to be cooled will be flown through the core of the cooler. This core can be made of aluminum, finned tube, copper tube, etc.

On the back will have a fan and motor system to blow air through this core and cool the hydraulic oil flowing inside.

Advantages of air-hydraulic oil coolers provided by Hai Chuong

  • Origin Allied Heat Transfer (Australia)
  • Average working pressure 100-500 psi
  • Maximum working pressure 1500 psi
  • Choose from a variety of motors for the system: single-phase, 3-phase, hydraulic and low-noise motors.
  • Equipped with many safety devices to control the system in the most optimal way such as temperature controller, overpressure by-pass valve, fan speed controller, etc.


In addition to Allied Heat Transfer’s standard coolers, we also can calculate and customize coolers according to working capacity and requirements for each customer.


Customized Air Coolers

The hydraulic oil cooler will be optimally selected to optimize the temperature for jobs requiring rapid oil cooling such as Coal mining, mineral mining, automobile assembly, metallurgy, shipyard. Optimizing temperature is the basic condition for the system to operate properly.

Besides that Hai Chuong can also supply hydraulic oil coolers for Air compressors from many brands such as Centac, Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Kobelco, etc.

Above is the content of information related to the hydraulic oil cooler. Customers can research and choose products corresponding to their current work and needs.

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