Bowman – Allied’s Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers

Bowman – Allied’s Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers


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Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers

Our shell and tube heat exchangers are widely used for liquid to liquid and liquid to gas applications such as oil cooling, condensing, jacket water or gas cooling. Our clients are mainly from the resources, marine and industrial sectors.

At Allied Heat Transfer we design, manufacture and service shell and tube heat exchangers

Every effort is put into providing the optimum design of heat exchangers for our client’s conditions. We take into account the performance requirements, environment, safety, material selection, service schedules and required service life.

Our design staff are very experienced and skilled in providing the best solution, so time spent at the design stage is time well spent.

Design capabilities include ASME VIII, and PD 5500. Using the latest HTRI thermal design software we are able to provide thermal designs for new installations and projects or model changes to existing processes and vessels.

Detailed designs can be brought from us or are included in the cost of manufacturing when purchasing direct from us.

Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers

Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers

Bowman heat exchanger

For today’s machinery and equipment system, the installation of a suitable heat exchanger system is extremely important. They affect the capacity as well as the lifetime of the machine. In this article, we will get to know about Bowman – Allied Heat Transfer’s shell & tube heat exchanger.

Bowman – Allied heat exchanger is a high-quality heat exchanger from EJ Bowman Birmingham Ltd., with an extremely convenient design during cleaning and maintenance. Along with that is an average service time of about 20 years, as proven by millions of products used around the world for different applications.

For proprietary design heat exchangers we try, where possible, to offer removable tube-stack heat exchangers to our clients. This design allows for easy future maintenance of the shell side and a floating tube stack also accommodates thermal expansion and generally increases the service life of a unit.

Heat exchanger size is calculated to achieve optimum flow regimes in relation to heat transfer, low fouling and scaling.


The Bowman – Allied heat exchangers originate from the UK or Australia. They are made by :

Tube stack is made of Cu/Ni  90/10. (Cupro-Nickel)

Shell is made from cast aluminum.

The O-ring can be NBR or EPDM etc.

Rating working temperature 120 degrees Celsius.

Rating working pressure is 20 bar.

The design of the heat exchanger has parts that can be disassembled individually. It helps the operation and maintenance team to be convenient, easy to clean, and repair when there is a problem or breakdown.

Technical standards reach ISO 9001. ASME- U2, CTI.

Structure of the Bowman’s heat exchanger


These heat exchangers are widely used in the field of mechanical engineering. Many manufacturers and factories choose Bowman’s products for their operating systems to help keep the machine’s operating temperature stable.

  • Some practical applications of frequently used heat exchangers include:
  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • Seawater heat exchanger
  • Steam heat exchanger (steam)
  • Transmission  Oil Coolers
  • Heat exchanger of swimming pool system etc.

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Hai Chuong Engineering Co., LTD is proud to be the official distributor of heat exchanger products from Allied Heat Transfer (Australia), including Bowman heat exchangers.

If you are looking for a Bowman heat exchanger, please visit or call 0878 789 186 for prompt response and support from our staff.

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Hai Chuong Company always takes into account the requirements of performance, environment, safety, material selection, service schedule and required service life. Our design staff is very experienced and skilled in providing the best solution for our customers!