Bowman’s Marine Heat Exchanger

Bowman’s Marine Heat Exchanger


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What is a Bowman’s Marine Heat Exchanger?

Bowman’s Marine Heat exchanger is one of the extremely important types of equipment for the ship. Products are currently produced with many different types for you to choose from according to your needs. Let’s find out more about this

Product image of Bowman ship condenser by Allied Heat Transfer company

Bowman Marine Heat Exchangers

There are three methods employed for water-cooled marine petrol and diesel engines.
They are Direct cooling, Heat exchanger cooling and Keel cooling.

Direct cooling of the cylinders and heads by sea water is unsatisfactory, because the engine – which was probably originally designed for radiator cooling – will run too cold and the sea water will eventually ruin the cylinder block and heads.

Heat exchanger cooling is the most common method, the sea water being isolated in components which can be designed to withstand its corrosive affect.

The closed fresh-water circuit can bethermostatically co ntrolled so that the engine operates at its designed temperature. Keel cooling is suitable for small boats operating in shallow weedy water, but the need for pipework external to the hull is a severe limitation.

Bowman header tank heat exchangers prevent aeration of the engine water circuit.

Bowman gearbox oil and engine oil coolers are used on the suction side of the sea water pump. Bowman heat exchangers and exhaust manifolds are used on the discharge side of the engine.

All Bowman Heat Exchangers use high-quality products incorporating both the best materials and the latest technical features that have become world known for building a quality and reliable product.

Bowman also supplies high-tech cooler heat exchangers electric and hybrid propulsion systems.

The outstanding plus point of the Bowman seawater condenser

Compared with existing products on the market, Bowman ship welding condenser shows us many outstanding plus points compared to other models, typically as follows:

  • Products with high quality standards are certified with ISO 9001: 2015
  • Bowman ship condenser is widely used worldwide.
  • The condenser has an optimized design, accurate to the millimeter for smooth operation.
  • The machine works very durable during work
  • The device is made up of Copper – Nickel alloy tubes and body.
  • Especially the sea water environment is highly corrosive.
  • (Sea water, mineral water, contaminated water can be used for cooling)
  • Made from die-cast aluminum alloy so it can be used for the harshest environments

  • Many connection types so that customers can choose the most optimal option for the installation space (1, 2, 3 pass)
  • Product investment costs are quite low, but the equipment has a long service life.
  • Bowman heat exchanger helps cool the machine very efficiently
  • Throughout the process, the Bowman heat exchanger consistently provides optimum heat exchange efficiency and maximum heat transfer capacity.

The main functions that the marine welding condenser product brings:

  • Equipment with oil cooling function for transmission
  • Oil heating for propulsion and power transmission systems
  • Oil cooling of hydraulic system, actuation of thruster, power unit, winch
  • Generator system cooling
  • Air compressor oil cooling  and on-board main engine cooling

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