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Packings & Gaskets


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Reliable, safe and efficient.
Maximum cost-effectiveness

The right seal for every application.
Seals are key components of any system, so their role is of immense importance. They protect process media against external influences and contamination and contribute to reducing emissions. This, in turn, improves process stability, along with the availability and operating
efficiency of the system.

With a broad range of high-quality gaskets –from the fiber and rubber-based PTFE types through to graphite and
metal seals, compression packings and the associated accessories –you can rely on EagleBurgmann to supply the right sealing solution for
any application.

Reliable, safe and cost-effective solutions
from a single source.
In parallel with our comprehensive product range, our technical knowledge of media, processes and applications allows us to develop high-quality solutions that are not simply reliable and safe.

No matter what requirements our customers have, we know how all the factors involved will affect functionality and economic viability, and we continuously translate this expertise into practice in the form of sustainable and durable sealing solutions.

We use all the skills and experience obtained in practice to follow, support and improve the sealʼs entire development, life and service cycle. EagleBurgmann offers the complete package: from the engineering, advice and design stage through to the provision of tailored on-site services.